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With Shweta Kapur

Scrolling through Shweta Kapur’s womenswear designs, you get the sense that every detail serves a function. There’s no extra embroidery, no unnecessary colours or a trimming that’s just for appearances. Whether it’s the knotted front on a kurta that defines the waist; a panel that allows you wear the same skirt three ways, or a line of fringe that brings movement to a jewel-toned halter top; all of it is there for a reason. And that’s simply to make the women who wear her clothes feel confident, sexy, and chic. 

New Delhi-based Kapur founded her label 431-88 in 2012, shortly after graduating from the London College of Fashion. Since then, her clothes have been spotted on everyone from Sonam Kapoor and Rakul Preet to Neetu Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit Nene to name but a few. Women of all ages who appreciate her ability to pare back and focus on the important stuff, to offer luxurious details that can truly be savoured – a refined fabric, the perfect fit, a classic silhouette. This emphasis on minimal yet impactful design, is a sentiment we echo at The Line too and it’s what made us fall in love with Kapur’s work. 

Butool Jamal: Did you always want to be a designer?

Shweta Kapur: I always wanted to work in fashion and be around clothes. Designing was on top of my list, but I did try different aspects of fashion just to make sure that designing really had my heart. I worked in sourcing, pattern making, styling, journalism, almost everything you can think of. I was also very keen on working with Saville Row tailors and specializing in pattern cutting.

BJ: Tell us a bit about your personal style. 

SK: It is pretty minimal and I love my blacks and whites, but I also mix in a lot of neutral colours. My wardrobe includes a fair bit of beige, olive, chocolate; I use them to break the looks and serve as a pop of colour. Indianwear is where I experiment with brighter tones and prints, especially the everyday suits that I wear in the summer. On an average day however you’ll probably see me in my Lululemon leggings with a T-shirt or sweatshirt and sneakers.

BJ: And what’s your personal style when it comes to jewellery?

SK: I like statement pieces because my clothes are very understated. I do love a pair of hoops which I can wear everyday. I like to wear one big piece and that’s about it, usually a statement cuff or earrings. I don't wear anything around my neck usually, it makes me feel claustrophobic. I love stacking a lot of bracelets, say with a watch   that mix of delicate with chunky. I think that looks very cool.

BJ: What are the pieces that are particularly special to you  – heirlooms or recent purchases?

SK: I have a silver ring from my grandmother which I wear sometimes. I'm not super into traditional pieces though so I usually reserve my heirloom pieces for wedding season. I recently bought these really special pair of mother-of-pearl earrings, I love them! They’re a simple, classic design but I love that I can wear them with both contemporary and Indian outfits.

BJ: What’s are the boxes that a piece of jewellery should tick for you?

SK: Only that it needs to be a well-designed piece. Since I’m a designer that’s very important to me. This means it shouldn’t be generic. It can be minimal or easy or fuss-free but there needs to be something thoughtful, or it should have an element of surprise to it.

BJ: What does your everyday jewellery look like?

SK: Usually my hoops and I have a small earring which I always wear in a second piercing. I also really like these bracelets I have which are chunky, silver, light and easy to wear and have affirmations on them. 

By Butool Jamal

Styling Shivani Mathur 

Photography Kirti Virmani 

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