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Everyday Jewels, Forever Treasures

Pieces to love and live in

Made in precious gems and 18k gold

"I love how easy it is to wear The Line. It's perfect for both an evening out with friends, on sunset on the beach with my babies."


"I love The Line: The pieces are elegant and modern but reflect their Indian heritage. A staple in my everyday jewellery wear."


"The Line is the kind of jewellery I love...It's personal, almost a part of me. I live in my Astral necklace!"


"Got the Initial Charm Bracelet from my father as a gift. He said S stood for strength, and my name...Love this bracelet to bits, and I never take it off!"


Our Journey

The Line comes to Dubai via New Delhi, where it was born in 2015. It seeks to combine the exciting immediacy of fashion with the weighty legacy of fine jewellery. We wanted to take all these beautiful gems that we often confine to our lockers, and bring their joyfulness into the narrative of your everyday. To make jewels that find their place in every season and every hour of our very full lives. Jewels that live with you, and become a part of you, your story. 

Slow Fashion

We believe in making well-considered, beautiful things, made to last forever. And we believe that conscious consumption is equally a matter of conscious production. All our pieces are made-to-order. 

Which is why the wait is a little longer, but we promise its worth the wait.


We started making jewellery, because we fell in love with gems. And The Line is our love letter to beautiful natural gems. 

Natural gems like diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies colour our design, alongside Akoya pearls and South Sea Pearls. We work entirely in 18k gold, our metal of choice for its unassailable natural beauty and longevity.

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