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The Line’s story begins in New Delhi, the city I grew up in. I started the label in 2015, with no formal training in jewellery, and only a lifelong obsession for it. I love natural gems, and when I saw them in their loose form, I loved them possibly more than I did when they were set in jewellery. Gems are really why I started The Line. I wanted to change how we always seemed to save them for special occasions, and not experience their light and beauty every day.

As a literature student and fashion journalist, I brought my twin loves for design and the structuring of words to the world of gems. I find the structuring of gems, is like finding the right words to go in the right place to form a satisfying sentence.

Like my words, I like my jewels concise, and devoid of unnecessary flourishes. There is so much power in saying what needs to be said simply, while honouring its essence. I buy gems that move me, that hold both colour and lustre, equally. They seem so complete in their beauty, I like to do very little by way of ornamentation.

In 2023, The Line begins a new chapter, with its second studio in my adopted home, Dubai. I look forward to meeting you at our studio and helping you find jewels to love and live in!